Commercial Property Agents – You Cannot Skip the Steps Building Your Business – Part 1

There are steps to take when you work in commercial or retail property sales or leasing. Taking the right steps will improve your market share in any market.You cannot avoid or skip the steps if you want to progress; the steps will take you up to the top of your market if you take them and let them. Not taking the steps however will take you down into the ‘basement’ of the industry where things are tough, dark, and frustrating. That is the place where income and listings are fewer. So you have a choice, and you can take the right steps.Processes are ImportantEverything we are saying here depends on your personal processes and consistency as a salesperson. When you do the right things each and every day, you will break into a cycle of opportunity; when you do that you must keep up the processes and not get complacent.It is remarkable how many salespeople do ordinary things and lack the focus needed for the industry. You have a choice and you can take the right action here.The steps to progress are quite clear and well known to those that are successful in either sales or leasing. Setting your rules correctly will allow you to dominate the local property market. Here are some of those rules to help you in taking the right steps as a property professional:The most successful agents and salespeople that I have come across are those with a consistent daily plan of action. This is where a diary and organisational process becomes critical to personal performance for salespeople. In your diary each and every day you should have the two or three critical processes that should always be repeated to help you grow your market share. This is where many agents and salespeople fall down. Their ability to organize themselves and stick to the personal plan can be seriously flawed. They simply fail to contact new people every day. There pipeline of opportunity diminishes over time.
Given that most of the clients and prospects that you deal with in commercial real estate are market savvy and aware, you will need to match or exceed their knowledge in the local property market. Researching all the deals relating to sales and leasing will help you with the market awareness and trends. Most clients and prospects do not have that local information; that is your point of difference and your point of attraction. Your territory domination will also assist your clients and prospects in choosing you as the agent of choice.